We Won’t Miss a Single Spot

We Won’t Miss a Single Spot

Hire Yellowstone Striping to tidy up your property

Is your parking lot:

  • Dusty?
  • Covered in gravel?
  • Dirty following a storm?

Call Yellowstone Striping for your parking lot cleanup. We’ll bring in the heavy-duty equipment needed to get your paved area as clean as a whistle. Whether you’re cleaning up after a storm or as the result of a nearby construction project, you can count on us to return your lot to pristine condition.

Get rid of that random gravel

If your blacktop is adjacent to a mulched garden or gravel area, your parking lot probably accumulates a lot of gravel and debris. Aside from looking untidy, this can create an unsafe condition for pedestrians.

Yellowstone Striping will use heavy-duty blowers and other equipment to get rid of the gravel, pebbles, mulch and detritus that’s cluttering up your parking lot. Call 406-530-4999 today to request an estimate.